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Get Excited About Golf

I recently gave lessons to two brothers. The elder was 17 and the younger 12 years old. I have been helping people better understand the golf swing for over 30 years, but it had been a while since I had met two people as excited about golf as these two.

Gold Mountain's PGA Professional, Mark Knowles

Gold Mountain’s PGA Professional, Mark Knowles

Our lesson time was fairly ordinary. By fairly ordinary I mean that they would seem to understand our discussions, the drills and the techniques and would show modest improvement in the hour we worked together. However, magic would happen at some point during the week, because when I saw them the following Tuesday night they had it! Heck, they not only had it…they owned it.

Learning to play golf takes time. All skill sports require time, focus and passion to learn to develop a repeating motion. With golf, the motion is complex and the margin for error is minimal. These two boys left their lesson on Tuesday, and they spent every waking hour for the next seven days walking, talking, practicing, and watching golf. It was summer vacation and what else are you going to do as a kid besides hit golf balls into your neighbor’s house and watch the Golf Channel non-stop?

There are a few things that come to mind as I reflect on the magic of learning golf. First of all, it helps to have your summers off! But more importantly, keep golf fun. No matter your age, learn through the eyes of a child. Have every day be a new day. Enjoy the opportunity to play golf! Celebrate your successes and forget the miss-hits! Swing the club in balance and go see your favorite PGA Professional for a little direction.

Making the turn,

Fall Season Brings New Deals & Products in Retail

The fall season brings clearance sales on demo equipment and new lines from some of our favorite producers.

The fall season brings clearance sales on demo equipment and new lines from some of our favorite producers.

What a year it has been in golf retail. The US Open brought so many new golfers to Gold Mountain and of course they all wanted a little something to take home to remind them just how much they enjoyed their visit. Logo shirts, towels, flags, ball markers, you name it we sold it! But as in every business we have a little extra inventory so September is the month of the “End of Summer” clearance sale. Our most popular items right now are the current demo equipment. Our entire selection of 2015 demo clubs are on sale at reduced prices, so if there was something in this year’s club lines you really wanted, now is the time to purchase.

The 2016 merchandise will also start hitting the floor this month. The new Callaway Great Big Bertha and Mac Daddy 3 wedges have already arrived along with the new fitting clubs. Taylor Made is not far behind with a new driver coming out this fall. It’s a little overwhelming at this point to start thinking of the 2016 season but it will be here before you know it!

Every Pacific Northwest golfer needs some Seahawks gear this season.

Every Pacific Northwest golfer needs some Seahawks gear this season.

Also late this fall we will be opening our Gold Mountain Golf Club store in the Kitsap Mall again, making your holiday shopping with us more convenient. Our opening date will be November 1st and we will be there until December 31st, located right next to Sears. Our store will feature apparel, gift certificates, Seahawks merchandise, shoes, balls – pretty much every department that we currently carry. Come on down!
Thank you all for this amazing golf season, and hope to see you out here enjoying my favorite golfing season: fall!


Liz, Retail Manager